Executive Director: Vacant Regional Medical Director: Dr. David Kugler
If you are a provider in the Nassau REMSCO Region, please register to complete the credentialing process. All providers who wish to practice in the Nassau REMSCO Region must be affiliated with an agency and properly credentialed.

Regional Council Officers

Thomas Mastakouris, Chairperson- Fire Commission
Anne DeSimone, Vice Chairperson Nassau County DOH
Chuck Mackie, Treasurer, Fire Commission, Nassau County

Regional Council Members

Barry Rigney, Ambulance Provider- Fire Commission
Evelyn Mulvaney, ER Nurse Manager At-Large
James Ajamian, Ambulance Provider- Fire Commission
Ronald Bagan, Non-transport Provider- Fire Commission
Steven Morelli, Commissioner of Nassau OEM
Dr. Anthony Boutin, NUMC
Dr. Tamara Bloom, Medical Examiner
Edward Waldron, NorthWell CLI
Thomas Durfee, Proprietary Ambulance Service
Lori Edelman, Nassau/Suffolk Hospital Council
Karen Brohm, Police Communications- 911
Kevin O'Hara, Active NYS Certified Patient Care Provider At Large
Lila Hagerman-Sheehan, Emergency Nurses Assoc.
Dave Kaldor, Active NYS Certified Patient Care Provider At Large
Donald Hudson, Nassau County Fire-Police Academy
Frank Chester, Nassau VEEB EMS Academy
Annemarie Glazer, RTAC
Christopher Airey, Bureau Director- PDCN EAB
Dr. Allen Cherson, ACEP
John Hassett, Ambulance Service Provider- Dist 12
James Neitz, Hospital Based Ambulance Provider
Mark Tomlin, Ambulance Service Provider- VAC
Marc Bodnar, Fire Communications- FireCom
Paul Divver, PDCN EAB
Gary Ferrucci, Secretary/Treasurer- County Exec. Appointee
Eva Pearson, Equity of Care- Community Member, Nassau County
Pearse Donnelly, Career EMS/Unionized Workers




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